Jose Luis Andrade

Director and Instructor

Jose is an artist native to California who understands how important art is for education and the local community.  He is a practicing artist with a four year teaching experience for both children and adults in Cupertino and Oakland.  His artworks have exhibited locally and internationally, which included the notorious opportunity to be part of the Northern Mexico Biennial.

His artistic background began at his young age of eight years when living abroad in Mexico.  He was part of the Cultural House of Mexicali for his youth career, where he learned from international renowned artist Carlos Coronado.  Later he was accepted to join the Bachelors of Fine Arts program at CSU at East Bay, where he completed the program in 2009 with an emphasis en traditional mediums.

Jose's expert knowledge include old traditional mediums like frescos, encaustic and oil to the more contemporary concepts of mixing mediums and street art.  Currently he is a gallery artist of San Francisco, runs a co-op gallery in San Jose and the Art Hub in Saratoga.


Brian Sal Corral


Sal is the current Education Director and former instructor at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto.  He has many years teaching both children and adults, and his professional art career is also extensive in many disciplines. 

With paintings in collections around the world and a growing list of international exhibitions the work of Brian Sal Corral is both in high demand and ever-growing. Starting as a stylized portrait painter almost 20 years ago, Sal's work has grown into his mature style by expanding the intrinsic unseen qualities of life that drew him to portraiture. Those unseen qualities are now the center of his paintings, and the people that inspire the flowing energy of life seen in his work are the bridge for the viewer to enter their world.

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Sebastian Gomez Biggeri


Sebastian took traditional atelier training in painting and sculpture in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were he was born and raised. He combines his academic training with his professional experience as an art director and illustrator to bring industry insight into his teaching.

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Billy Lu


Raised in the Bay Area, Billy is a freelance concept artist who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration class of 2018. He also has experience teaching animation, digital art, and traditional art to young adults and high school students.

Starting from university Billy focused largely on digital art and has had experience working in the entertainment industry. This includes being involved in the artistic direction for multiple video games and movies through mobile, AR, and PC platforms. His passion comes from fantasy character and environment designs inspired by the natural world.