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Creativity begins with every artist.  At Art Hub Academy we will explore individual creativity with the use of traditional and contemporary mediums because creativity and technique are two different entities that together can lead to beautiful expressions of art.

Courses will not be divided by mediums but rather by techniques, formal elements of art and the exploration of individual creativity.  This might ask for either specific mediums, mixed media, specific imagery or a juxtaposition of all.  Parents will know ahead of time what will be the curriculum for the following eight sessions.  Meanwhile our artist students will reflect their artistic expression through these tools. 

Technique is not meant to surpass creativity, but rather give artist the ability to choose and better express their creativity.  Together they are the fundamental practices at the Art Hub in order for our students to mature into great artist.  They will become great problem solvers with individual character.  A tool that is not only important for art, but also other school subjects.

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